Post number one!!

Ok, so some of you said “do it” so I’m doing it. This is my Pinterest project a day(ish) blog. I love Pinterest, I pin all day long, food, crafts, funny stuff, silly stuff, all stuff!! I love the idea of reusing/repurposing/making the old new and all that. That is how this blog has come to be.

So as my project for the day I wasn’t yet sure if the blog was going to happen, so forgive that I don’t have step by steps for this project. And tomorrow I’m seeing Magic Mike, so it’s quite possible I’m going to be out of commission tomorrow because of hot man over load. 

Here is my inspiration for today’s pin: Two things you should know about me is that I LOVE shoes, and I LOVE nail polish…this pin combines two of my most favorite things, shoes and nail polish so I knew I was going to do this one as soon as I pinned it. 

I used an old pair of shoes because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I’m not always confident in my abilities as a crafter/repurposer so I went with shoes that weren’t in my usual rotation. Now that I know how CUTE it really is, and how easy I will definitely be doing it on a pair I wear more often.

Here is my “after” photo:


Ultimately I LOVE the way these turned out. I don’t wear them very often, but I think they may make into the regular rotation with the sassy new hot pink soles. Some things I will do differently the next time I do it. 1. Use a thicker polish. I used a Sally Hansen Extreme Wear polish for this, one that I had on hand and next time I will select a less expensive, thicker polish to use. 2. I will wait until the white base coat dries, like the tutorial suggests. I got anxious and put my color on too soon so I had to use three coats when I probably could have used two if I had followed the directions. 3. I won’t use shoes that have leather on the heels, but rather ones that have plastic. The leather was hard to cover and the polish doesn’t stick as well to it. 

So here it is, my post number one. I hope you enjoy. I will be posting success and failures here, I have no secrets. If something turns out bad, I will share that with you too! : ) Thanks for the support. I’m looking forward to this. Should be fun!


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